2018-10-06 04:00:00
October 6

Location Info:

Kaiyo sushi/WoknRoll
4412 n Miller Rd
Scottsdale, AZ  85251

Promotional Event Description

Wok N’ Roll all night

Wok N' Roll is an innovative new restaurant bringing an array of dishes to the Arizona Community. Chef Driven Chinese Food in the heart of Scottsdale, the cuisine consists of hand-picked, high quality ingredients that are delivered fresh daily. Each dish carefully designed with a purpose to deliver an unforgettable experience in every bite. From traditional plates of Chow Mein, to classic plates like the savory Sesame Chicken. Adding to the freshest Sushi in the Valley; Local’s will be amazed by the new menu that boasts Bahn Mi, mouthwatering pork with a homemade salsa, just enough "kick" in the sauce along with perfect spicy wings. For desert spicy Salmon rolls with a good glass of red wine have been the talk of the town. Whether its your first time, or you are a local, Wok N' Roll has a fantastic happy-hour. Always fresh, and made to order, Wok N' Roll stays up late to satisfy those shrimp and fried rice cravings to have you Wok N’ Rolling all night!

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