Joe's Grotto

13825 N 32nd St Suite 32
Phoenix, Arizona 85032
Joe's Grotto was established in 1994 by owner, operator, and a fellow musician, Joe Grotto. Joe Grotto, after 2 years of struggle, won $75,000 in Las Vegas and took that money and invested it into the club. With the help of some very talented people (Steve McDonald- sound, Mike Morrow - Lights, Paul Surra and Mike Giacalone- Stage), he went on to build the very best "showcase" for a bar this size. At 3,600 square feet (original size – before expansion), Joe's Grotto provides a warm and intimate venue to play. And with the support of Joe, the staff (some have been here almost as long as Joe - Ray Johnson and Rick Smith) and the best audience a band could ask for, the Grotto strives to make a band feel like the center of attention. "It's all about the show". Consequently, many bands call the Grotto home and their favorite bar to play resulting in the best shows you'll see. It always has been a group effort with the support of some of the best people. There's music six nights a week and drink specials every night. There are 2 open mic nights a week at Joe's; Monday is an acoustic open mic and Wednesday is for bands either looking for a gig or just a great place to play. Joe’s is located on the northeast corner of 32nd Street and Thunderbird Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

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