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Quadro Pizzeria

Though Harry Canelos bakes just 50 pizzas two nights a week out of a mobile trailer, his are some of the most memorable in our pizza-crazed desert city. Pies are square and sliced into quadrants. They cost north of $20 each — not cheap. Canelos uses a marathon fermentation of up to four days to develop a phenomenally crunchy crust that is soft, airy, and flavorful on the inside despite its imposing heft. He uses Italian tomatoes and grates on Grana Padano at two separate points in his process. All said, his maniacal process and focus on quality over quantity make Quadro a must-order for local pizza lovers. To grab one of Quadro's few dozen weekly pies, text Canelos after he posts his weekly menu to Instagram. Every pizza he does is solid. The burrata is particularly on-point, touched with mild heat and sweetness, not to mention the heady juices from links of Schreiner's if you wisely mash the "add sausage" option. Baking with a tiny deck oven out of parking lots for now, Canelos seems to be more than ready for the next career step. New Normal: Those who'd like to order ahead may text 480-410-9082.

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