What Are You Smoking? Arizona Patients Share Favorite Medical Marijuana Strains

For Matt, one strain in particular definitely takes the cake.
For Matt, one strain in particular definitely takes the cake. Courtesy of Matt Micheletti
Gone are the days of cannabis falling into one of two categories: “good shit” and “bad shit.” We’re in an age in which our favorite plant comes in a variety that would make Baskin-Robbins green with envy, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Users now have the chance to experiment freely and narrow down which strains suit them best. They say you can tell a lot about a person from the shoes they wear, or how they treat their mother, or if they prefer the company of dogs or cats. We propose that “what kind of strain they use” should be added to that list.

Inhale deeply from our first “What are you smoking?” column, where Phoenix-area patients talk about their favorite types of medicine and how they use them. We’re working on bringing you a variety of patients and their favorite variety of cannabis, so be sure to check back here periodically for another installment.

Matt Micheletti, 34
IT Consultant

Matt is enjoying matrimonial bliss with the indica-dominant Wedding Cake, which he buys from the downtown dispensaries Curaleaf and Sky.

His reasons why are a combination of medical and recreational. He said he enjoys the “the fast-acting body relaxation” and the “steady cerebral feeling” it provides. Matt said he also deals with chronic spinal issues, and finds that a nice piece of Cake alleviates the pain.

When asked if it helps with any other issues, Matt said, “anxiety and insomnia, for sure. The cerebral feeling I get from it also helps me focus.”

Wedding Cake also stimulates Matt intellectually. For him, it adds a new level of depth to documentaries and non-fiction books. The strain opens him up to what he calls “intellectually stimulating activities.”

Ironically enough, Matt doesn’t use Wedding Cake in the edible form. He prefers the classic method of smoking flower.

Paul Goebel, 50

click to enlarge Do-Si-Dos have become Goebel's top midnight snack. - COURTESY OF PAUL GOEBEL
Do-Si-Dos have become Goebel's top midnight snack.
Courtesy of Paul Goebel
Fans of early 2000s Comedy Central programming may remember Goebel from the show Beat the Geeks, but now he enjoys the quiet life here in the Phoenix metro area. He said the indica-dominant Dos-Si-Dos helps get the most out of that enjoyment.

Paul deals with the issues that patients often report, namely anxiety and insomnia. But Dos-Si-Dos, which he gets from Mesa’s Health for Life, helps put that to rest.

“It’s a strong indica that hits hard and then keeps you chill all night,” he said, adding that it definitely “helps me relax and fall asleep.”

Paul vapes exclusively and is always sure to have a cartridge of Do-Si-Dos on the ready. So what does he do when he indulges in the minty fresh taste of his favorite strain? His answer is simple.

“I try to do as little as possible on it.”

Brian James Nuckols, 42
College Admissions Counselor

In keeping with the bakery theme, Nuckols is a fan of the hybrid blend Girl Scout Cookies, which he gets from Scottsdale’s Level Up.

The sativa/indica balance helps with the difficulties of raising a toddler, he said. It keeps him alert and on his toes, which is crucial when you’re responsible for a tiny human in the thralls of the terrible twos.

GSC gives Nuckols relief from his aches and pains, and the relaxing effect helps control his anxiety, whether it’s of the social variety or from the racing thoughts one gets when they’re in a more solo setting.

Although he loves a good gaming session after consuming GSC, he’s not one to sit around and vegetate. “I’m rarely a couch-potato stoner,” he said.

By micro-dosing and then slowly bringing up a THC maintenance level over time, he found that sweet spot that keeps him from staying stationary. He recommended that new users start small and test their limits, explaining that “one toke over the line,” as the songs says, could turn a mellow evening into a serious ordeal.

Like many other patients who are also parents, Nuckols has put flower behind him and now uses the far less aromatic vape cartridges and edibles, since raising a rambunctious kid is tough enough without having to explain to a child why the house smells funny.

What’s your favorite strain and why? Drop me a line at [email protected].
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