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10 Best One-Two Punches In Phoenix Music

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Mitsy Melville and Marc Oxborrow - Shivereens One of the greatest tragedies of the Phoenix music scene is that The Haymarket Squares side project The Shivereens don't play more. They are absolutely stunning on stage playing their self defined "murder mystery rockabilly." For this project Oxborrow leaves the bass playing to Jess Pruitt so he is free to dance on stage alongside Melville, and all that is great. But where they really shine is in the vocal harmonies department. Their voices go together so well and are just so perfect for the obscure genre of music they play. They play together so little that it's always a treat to catch them, but they do have two shows coming up on Feb. 7 and March 26, which is awesome.

Brad B and Mic Cause - Drunken Immortals Brad B and Mic Cause are both talented emcee's separately, but together they are simply spectacular. Brad B is louder and a rougher around the edges, while Mic Cause is smoother and more laid back. Together they lay the groundwork of the entire aesthetic of the band. They are known to do shows without the live instruments, but when they get in front of their five-piece band the energy is just undeniable. They play with some of the most talented musicians in town and their showmanship and chemistry elevate the entire performance. Drunken Immortals is easily one of the five best hip-hop acts in the Valley.

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