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10 Best One-Two Punches In Phoenix Music

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Jackie Cruz and Marc Berry - Man Hands I happen to know for a fact that before Jackie Cruz went out a few weekends ago she posted a dare/threat to any man with the testicular fortitude to hit on her, and I like that in a lead singer. Her attitude mixed with Marc Berry's unique voice are two of the most noticeable things about Man Hands, and they can both really wail on guitar. Berry and Cruz usually switch off song to song on who sings lead, and I've personally encountered more than one intense debate over which one is the better lead. I don't think it really matters because as long as Man Hands sticks together we all get to see them both belt out those great surf-punk tunes.

Cori Rios and Chaz Fertal - The Hourglass Cats The Hourglass Cats have a full and lush rock 'n' roll sound that they accentuate with reggae and some latin rhythms on drums, but that wasn't always the case. There were days years ago when they would come out to shows with naught but Cori Rios on guitar and vocals, Chaz Fertal on saxophone, backing vocals, and auxiliary percussion, and "Hot" Karl Maier on the drums. Those days however are gone as Maier left the band, replaced by Johnny Groove, and trombone player Lisa Lizanec and bass player Jason Sessler became full-ledged members. But even as their sound has filled out more with the addition of new members Fertal and Rios's on stage chemistry shines even through even brighter.

Boo Boo La Fume and Stank Girl - Mooseknuckle Sandwich Going to a Mooseknuckle Sandwich show is a little intimidating. It's scary being in a room with two ferocious angry women who are so punk they don't even need a guitar. Stank Girl's favorite drummer is Phoenix local Matt Spastic, and they come at punk with the same sort attitude that he does. "How many people can we scare out of the room tonight" the only things is, just Spastic sees very often, people are responding and enjoying the hell out of one of the most entertaining acts Phoenix has to offer. Mooseknuckle sandwich music is raw and loud, and two members of the group play off each other extraordinarily to always make it a great show.

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