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10 Music Life Lessons I Learned on My Summer Road Trip

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3. Every animal is also a band.

It seems that if there's an animal on this planet, then it must have a band named after it. With that in mind, I frequently played music related to animals I saw along the way. It seemed like a fun thing to do. There was Grizzly Bear, Freelance Whales, Buffalo Springfield, The Bears (Adrian Belew), Rabbit, Gram Rabbit, The Eagles, Modest Mouse, Leftover Salmon, Mountain Goats, Raven, and, of course, The Animals. No, I did not play Phish.

4. Support local bands where there are few bands to support.

While my journey took me across many states and provinces, in only two places did I feel truly compelled to spin bands I find synonymous with their states, given the lack of other known musical entities. Crossing into Idaho (both ways) I felt a need to play Built to Spill. Likewise, it seemed fitting to crank up Portugal. The Man entering Alaska.

There are too many bands to choose from Washington, of course, so I chose The Sonics.

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