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10 Music Life Lessons I Learned on My Summer Road Trip

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5. Sometimes no music is the best music.

Considering much of my trip was solo with two dogs, sometimes it was important to just hear another human voice. But with news so depressing these days I turned to sports -- sports I don't know.

I listened to a cricket match (England vs. Australia, which was deemed quite important) for about an hour and had absolutely no idea what happened. It was bloody good fun nevertheless. Golf on the other hand, is more boring on radio than TV -- which is saying something.

6. Grunge still has a place -- at dusk.

As my drive time began to approach 8, 9, 10 hours and the day was dimming, a pick-me-up was in order. But Starbucks are few and far between up north, so I turned to vintage grunge from the likes of Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, and Nirvana. (No, I could not listen to Pearl Jam, having tried to listen to the band's satellite radio station for several hours once and became utterly bored out of my mind.)

The rumbling edginess was enough to keep me alert long enough to find a campsite where I could don my own flannel against the mosquitoes.

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