10 Things Under $10 This Weekend: Lingerie Nights, Chip Hanna, Super Bowl XLIV, and More

Aron Mezo has quite the yen for off-the-hook theme parties. It seems the proprietor of after-hours Scottsdale nightspot Afterlife is putting on some sort of stylish shtick-filled soiree every weekend, and they're almost guaranteed to pack in the peeps.

For instance, a couple of weeks back he threw a massive Jersey Shore-themed affair, which drew hundreds of fans of the guilty-pleasure MTV reality show to his doorstep. This weekend, however, Mezo is planning on having plenty of girlies running around his joint dressed in their unmentionables during the Lingerie Nights Bowl on Saturday.

The producers and cameramen from the salacious Lingerie Nights DVD series -- featuring videos of hotties and honeys prancing around nightclubs in cities around the
U.S. while wearing revealing undergarments -- is celebrating the release of their latest edition, which coincidentally features girls from around the Valley.

They'll also be casting for an upcoming DVD, so if you're a member of the fairer sex who looks good in a corset or negligee (or are just a dude who likes checking out scantily dressed women), we've got all the pertinent details about the party listed after the jump.

Oh, yeah, there's also info on nine other low-cost events you might be interested in attending this weekend, including opportunities to fire a handgun, get down with your bad self, and a few places to check out Sunday's Super Bowl.

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