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10 Things We Learned at Wet Electric

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Dillon Francis Puts on a Great Show. Francis' live set was pleasantly impressing. Musically, he had a great balance of crowd pleasing and popular tracks like "Runaway" by Galantis and Diplo's "Express Yourself," original music and new music. His set was upbeat and did a good job of keeping the crowd engaged and and energetic throughout his performance. There was never a moment where he lost the crowd, and he didn't go too hard to where he exhausted them. The visual aspect of the performance with the explosion of streamers of crowd, CO2 blasts, fire, and lights, harmonized with the music, producing a stimulating show for all of the senses.

Tommy Trash's Live Act is Completely Different Now. Listening to Trash's sets from three years ago versus today is like listening to a completely different DJ. Trash's older sets were harder with an electro flare, with that guiding, signature Tommy Trash rolling electronic groove. His older sets were packed with original and new music, that stood out with a distinct sound. His set at Wet Electric mirrored his recent podcasts: intertwined with deep house and current hit tracks, with very little original music, playing only a few classics like "Reload" and "Ladi Dadi" at the end.

Selfie Sticks are as Bad in Person as They Look You know the people who go to concerts and spend time meticulously recording everything that happens, taking notes, snapping pictures, and otherwise focusing on screens and equipment rather than the music and the party? The people whose concert attendance has the effect of diluting their wages to Taco Bell levels or worse? Yeah, those people are called music journalists. Why anyone would want to inflict that sort of pain upon themselves is beyond us. Selfie sticks are just another way to distract yourself from being in the moment and truly appreciating what's going on around you. The worst part is, they require even more attention and deliberation than a smart phone. Why bother?

Having a Zip-Line at a Festival is Actually a Good Idea. Anything with an above-average level of danger is usually not a seemingly good idea to coordinate with a rave: skydiving and racing cars being among some ideas that festivals should forever keep out of their plans. The addition of the zip-line is something new and different that you don't see at every event; with a containable level of danger that makes it exciting. The zip-line was extremely safe, with a friendly staff, and offered great views of the park and the event. With a lot of people reluctant to go on water slides due to the weather, it also offered something else to do other than drink and dance.The cost was also pretty affordable at only $10 for general admission and free for the VIPs.

Happily Disturbing Visuals are a Trend Dillon Francis displayed cartoon visuals on the stage's screens that were minimal and at first glance happy, but when you really focused on what you were looking at, you realized you were staring at shaking, cartoon eyeball-boobs. Strange visuals have definitely become a trend among DJs. From collage style cut-outs to acid-trip reminiscent cartoons acting out in symbolic and disturbing ways, we see this with acts like Dada Life and Zeds Dead.

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