10 Tips for Dating a Musician

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8. Make sure your trust is in intact.

"Be prepared for everyone to hit on your significant other at live shows," says Jeremy Parker, a local producer currently working on Godsmack's new album, and who also produced the new album for local band Bear Ghosts. "Regardless of your trust level, the general public doesn't care about the commitment level of your relationship or even whether you're disrespected."

7. Get used to hearing random singing -- from random places, too.

"Don't worry about the strange moans from the shower," says Maddie Miller, vocalist and synth and percussion player for Bogan Via. "Those are just vocal warmups!"

6. Make sure you like the music.

"If you do not like his/her music, but you cannot help yourself because love is in the air, lie," says singer Miss Krystle, who is working on a live video for her songs "Unforgettable" and "Don't Leave."

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