10 Tips for Dating a Musician

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5. Be OK with being fodder for band gossip.

"Band guys talk to other band guys," says Harper Lines, singer of Harper and the Moths, who play this Saturday, May 10 at Yucca Tap Room. "We all know who's slept with who and what ailments you have."

4. Musicians get sweaty -- learn to accept it.

"He'll only smell as good as his drummer," says Nicole Laurenne, singer/organist for The Love Me Nots, who play Wednesday, July 16, at Rhythm Room in Phoenix. "And, if he's the drummer, enough said. Consider yourself warned."

3. Accept their band as another job.

"Playing in a band is like having another job, and it requires a lot of time and energy like a job would," says Nathan Ahles, guitarist for Your Young, who are working on new material to record this summer. "Late practices, long days at the studio, traveling, band meetings and altogether spending a lot of time with the band are all a large and normal part of playing music professionally. It's part of job - don't take it personally."

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