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10 Underrated Punk Albums That Should Be Considered Classics

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5. Channel 3, Fear of Life I have a certain amount of pride when it comes to this record. I think Channel 3 was one of the first punk rock bands I discovered all on my own. I was in Tower Records at Christown Mall and I found Fear of Life on cassette early into my regular search through the alphabet. A buddy of mine had hipped me to the fact the two space age-looking things that were supposed to stop shoplifters didn't actually work, so being a poor little jobless punk kid with a questionable conscience at the time, I slipped this cool looking tape with a picture of a gun pointing presumably at the holder's head it into my pocket. I must say, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I got it home and listened to it. (Sorry, Tower. I probably owe you some money.)

Anyhow, Channel 3 are still alive and kicking today, having played at Rips at least once recently. Mike Magrann and company write some pretty rockin' punk songs. Personally, I was smitten when I first heard the song "Out of Control" and its catchy chorus, "one more thing I know, I'm outta control" which was exactly how I felt at the time. From start to finish, Fear of Life, which came out in 1982, is as solid as many of their SoCal peers efforts that are often lauded on "best of" lists. If you dig the punk rock sounds of the old L.A. scene, then you will probably dig this, too.

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