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10 Underrated Punk Albums That Should Be Considered Classics

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8. The Dwarves, Blood, Guts, and Pussy The Dwarves are completely misunderstood. I was guilty of misunderstanding them myself until I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Blag Dahlia, lead vocals and self-proclaimed leader of the band. The Dwarves are most widely known for their chaotic stage shows and the (highly) sexually charged imagery of their album covers and music videos, but behind all the sex, blood, and cussing this nearly 25-year-old record is 14 minutes of rock 'n' roll fury.

The beautiful thing about Blood, Guts, and Pussy and its brevity is that no one would ever feel cheated by it. The songs are short, for sure, but the power of them is not cut down in the editing process. The Dwarves just don't feel they have to subscribe to typical song structures to make their feelings known. Considering track three, "Let's Fuck," is only one minute and one second long, which is most likely the average length of most teenage sexual experiences, it is no wonder The Dwarves are popular among young and old punks everywhere. There is a feel of nostalgia to the good old days when you listen to the Dwarves, yet they are still chugging along, still powerful, and as humorous as ever.

9. Hüsker Dü, Flip Your Wig

Shit. Another 1985 record on this list. Perhaps I should have saved this list and some of the albums on it for a "look what happened 30 years ago" list, but alas, I did not and I definitely didn't plan it that way. Hüsker Dü was always under-appreciated in Phoenix. When people do mention them, it's always Zen Arcade or New Day Rising getting talked about. Sometimes people bring up Land Speed Record, but Flip Your Wig rarely gets mentioned, even though it completely shreds.

Like most of Hüsker Dü's work, Flip Your Wig is frantic. There is something about listening to it in the morning which has always gotten me going, even if there is a certain element of nervous tension to it creeping about in there underneath the sonic mastery of Mould, Hart, and Norton (Bob, Grant, and Greg, respectively). Some cool local band should cover this record in its entirety. I'd be right there in the front row, singing along, jealous of the talent it takes to make these songs rock like they do.

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