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15 Must-See Metro Phoenix Concerts in February

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Cibo Matto - Friday, February 21 - Crescent Ballroom

Japanese food-rap duo Cibo Matto cut two excellent records in the 1990s, then disappeared into the solo-joint ghetto. Their sound -- a synthesis of hip-hop, bossa nova, DJ culture, and rock -- is the equivalent of being stalked by a fusion gourmet food truck in the L.A. of Blade Runner; now, with third album Hello Valentine, they've resuscitated it for an age when culture is so diffuse that epileptic-baiting videos like the one for comeback single "MFN" inevitably get lost in the shuffle. Which isn't to say that you shouldn't be at this show, where you should beg them to play "Know Your Chicken." -- Raymond Cummings

Pixies - Monday, February 24 - Comerica Theatre

Don't you dare reduce the most important prototype for Seattle grunge to "Where Is My Mind" and inspiring Kurt Cobain to include a few dramatic volume changes -- dynamic shifts weren't invented in the nineties, and "Monkey Gone To Heaven" has aged as well as anything else in their catalog. What's more, they're now on to a completely new incarnation: Founding bassist Kim Deal left the band last summer after years of simmering tensions with frontman Frank Black, and their recent EPs (fittingly named EP1 and EP2) are their first new material in twenty years. -- Vijith Assar

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