15 Songs to Light Up to on 4/20

You never say an unkind word about the time.

It's that time of year again. We hope you're stocked up on all of your supplies, namely munchies before you begin your 4/20 shenanigans. Whether you're lighting up at home or going to a party, we've got you covered with 15 songs about marijuana or getting high to get stoned to to enjoy on this lovely Friday.

Bob Marley- Smoke Two Joints I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints, and then I smoke two more. You may be most familiar with the Sublime version of this song, but no 4/20 list would be complete without a little Bob Marley.

Afroman- Because I Got High I'm gonna stop singing this song because I'm high I'm singing this whole thing wrong because I'm high and if I don't sell one copy I know why (why man?) cause I'm high No one loves Budsicles more than nuns. If a bunch of your coworkers and classmates don't show up today, you know why.

Cypress Hill- Hits From the Bong I like a blunt or a big fat bowl But my double barrel bong is gettin' me stoned If you take too many bong hits, you may feel like you're trapped in one of the Scary Movie sequels.

Bob Dylan- Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 But I would not feel so all alone, Everybody must get stoned. 12 times 35 is 420. Well played, Dylan.

Stevie Wonder- Higher Ground This song isn't actually about getting high, it's about reincarnation. But its funky beat is a good song to light up to. After all, some philosophies encourage drug use to reach enlightenment. Funk-punkers the Red Hot Chili Peppers do a great cover, too.

Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Bruno Mars- Young, Wild and Free So what we get drunk? So what we smoke weed? We're just having fun, Who cares who sees. So many Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa songs could fit on this list, so why not include both? If only you could get away with smoking in front of a high school principal.

Redman- How to Roll a Blunt Crack the bag and then you pour the whole bag in Spread the ism around until the ism reach each end Take your finger and your thumb from tip to tip Roll it in a motion then the top piece you lick AKA weed smoking for dummies.

The Uninvited- Too High For The Supermarket Ding Dongs, a bag of chips, Cap'n Crunch and some onion dip, It's sugar and salt, space and schism, The yin and yang of munchie Taoism Going to the store hungry is bad enough. Go high and you're just asking for a bag full of junk food.

Dash Rip Rock- Let's Go Smoke Some Pot Well, you can smoke it you can chew it, You can really try to do it. Smokin' pot. (Pot-pot-pot, pot.) Well, you can sing it in a song, You can smoke it in a bong. If a band has a faux doo wop get up, you know it's time to smoke some pot.

Rick James- Mary Jane I'm in love with Mary Jane. She's my main thing. She makes me feel alright. She makes my heart sing. As if "Higher Ground" wasn't funky enough, there's spaceships, platform shoes, and rad sunglasses. Try to watch this video stoned, we dare you. Best Coast- Sun Was High (So Was I) I went for a walk watched the cars go by the sun was high and so was I Sure, Bethany Cosentino sings about pot and her cat a lot. Her cat is even named Snacks. You could smoke out and listen to Crazy For You while staring at your reflection in the pool.

Musical Youth- Pass The Dutchie Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side It a gonna burn, give me music make me jump and prance Buck-O-Nine fans should recognize this song right away. Just make sure you pass to your left.

Missy Elliott- Pass That Dutch Come on pass the dutch baby! Shake-shake shake ya stuff ladies! Misdemeanor is encouraging us to smoke, let loose, and have a great time.

The Weeknd- High For This Don't be scared, I'm right here Even though, you don't know Trust me girl, you wanna be high for this This would be a sexy song to smoke and get down to, just please don't listen to everything Abel Tesfaye says. You do need protection.

Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon are prime albums for smoking out.

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