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1997 New Times Music Awards Showcase

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Quote: "If you just play the blues, it's like you're a priest and you live in poverty. You're respected for keeping the tradition alive, but you never get ahead."--Hans Olson

Releases: Arizona (1997) is the most recent among many.
BTW: Hans used to hang out with Tom Waits in L.A., back in the day.

Big Pete Pearson and the Blues Sevilles
Note: Everything about Pete Pearson is big: his nickname, his physique, his voice, and his traditional, Texas blues sound. Live, this guy holds nothing back.

Quote: "Chicago blues has a boogie beat, but I'm more of an urban blues, like late '40s, early '50s. It's got more of an upbeat shuffle."--Big Pete Pearson

BTW: Pete also cooks a mean barbecue.

Patti Williams and Delerious
Note: A blues diva with a three-and-a-half-octave range, Patti has one foot in the church and the other in the nightclub--she's Saturday night and Sunday morning in one package. She also has exquisite taste in clothes and back-up bands.

Quote: "I like to relax and go with the vibes I pick up from the audience. That's what I thrive on."--Patti Williams

P.S. Williams learned to sing by listening to her grandmother's Mahalia Jackson records.

Hoodoo Kings
Note: The Hoodoo Kings are the bad boys of Phoenix blues. These guys play '50s blues like they do their hair: big and greasy.

Quote: Good luck--front man Dave Trippy's stage patter is auction-barker fast.

Releases: One Foot in the Groove (1995)
BTW: "Hoodoo" is Deep South speak for voodoo and other witchy stuff. As in, if a hoodoo woman gives you the evil eye, you best get your mojo workin'.

Sistah Blues
Note: This six-piece band is all women, and when they cook, it's onstage--with good-vibe, highly danceable modern blues. Sistah Blue is the fastest-rising star in the Valley blues scene.

Quote: "[Harp player] Rochelle Raya's body and soul goes into every 'blow,' which keeps her audience alive with her natural movin' & groovin' eccentric enthusiasm." [From Sistah Blue's promotions kit]

BTW: Last fall, Sistah Blue took second in the 13th annual International Blues Talent Competition in Memphis, Tennessee.


Know Qwestion
Note: KQ's twin guns are intricate, clever brag-rap word play layered over evolutionary beats. Producer P-Body Scott's unconventional use of strings, xylophone and original bass samples is exquisite.

Quotes: "See, you cannot like Mike Tyson, you might say his voice is funny, or laugh at his big ol', snaggly toothed ass, but I'll bet you don't say shit about his boxing, 'cause he's knocking fools out."--MC Cash

"That's what we're doing. You can say we think we're all pretty, or we're money-hungry, but you can't say shit about the way we rap, and everybody knows that."--MC Cappuccino

Releases: Conversation and Public Speaking (1996)
BTW: Exceptional freestylists able to spin wide, wild webs of spontaneous street poetry, Cash and Cappuccino have egos to match their talent.

Negro League
Note: No-frills East Coast-style beats and rhymes. This is stripped-down, hard-core rap 101.

Quote: "We're tight, and we come at you hard. That's all we need to say, 'cause that's all you need to know.--Negro League motto

BTW: Negro League's declared patron saint is the Method Man.

Note: Shindiggs is one half of the recently defunct veteran Valley hip-hop act Brothers Grimm (DLB) paired with vocalist Killtone, doing a more singsongy, West Coast-flavored and--let's be honest--commercial sound.

Quote: "This camp is a self-contained unit, from song concept to recording, to the finished production."--DLB

BTW: DLB recently produced the single "Don't Stop Shakin'" for the Southsyde Boyz on LaFace Records.


Note: Hard-hitting tribal/industrial with acoustic percussion and a judicious yet powerful use of deep-toned guitars.

Quote: "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is on television."--Lucius Warbaby, lead singer

BTW: New Times industrial critic Frank Smith recently nailed the Godless sound as "apocalyptic rock for a Mad Max world."

Note: Machine-gun sequencers and live drumming lay a mile-deep foundation for towering infernos of guitar, billowing, monstrous vocals and just enough science-fiction-film samples to situate this band firmly in the cyber-realm.

Quote: "N17 will jump out of the CD player and kill you in your seat."--Trevor Askew, lead singer

Signed: Yes. SlipDisc Records.
Releases: Trust No One (1995)
BTW: This band's live show is best measured in megatons.

Note: Nihil's strength is a raw, warm, live industrial guitar sound--sometimes sweeping and lonely, others chunky and vicious, always yoked to a relentless, deeply physical BEAT.

Quote: "Nihil creates harsh soundscapes that freeze in a dark moist corner with naked emotions."--Scott Crowley, singer-guitarist

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