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1997 New Times Music Awards Showcase

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Quote: "I realized a few years ago that if I'm not singing, I'm dying inside."--Sherry Roberson

BTW: Roberson sings in English, Spanish, Japanese and Yoruba, an African dialect. She's a Buddhist.


Fred Green
Note: Stoner funk that leaps and drifts from deep, blissed-out grooves to incendiary instrumental breaks. Front man Ben Gilley has wizard's fingers on the bass.

Quote: "We call what we play 'stinkasmokafunkagrooverama.'"--Ben Gilley
Releases: Dillywagon (1996)
BTW: This band throws unbelievable after-parties. As in, good luck peeling yourself off the pillows to un-be-leave.

Note: This band's got a sick horn section and grooves so fat they should come with a calorie counter. Whiskey-voiced front woman Tiffany Sullivan pogos between a smoky croon and Janis Joplinesque keens.

Quote: "We want to make something beautiful and meaningful--not meaningful in any political or cosmic sense, just an artistic one."--Travis Brinster, guitarist

Releases: More Soul Than a Rabbit Factory (1996)
BTW: Polliwog spent 18 months and $20,000 on its debut CD.

Stone Circle
Note: Stone Circle fuses jazz, funk and rock, with an emphasis on melodic bass lines that stand out in get-on-up jams like "Beyond Your Dreams" and "Funky Blue Monkey."

Quote: "We're all about enjoying life."--Sherrie Petersen, lead vocalist
Releases: Beyond Your Dreams (1996)
P.S. Stone Circle sells condoms at its shows with wrappers that show a monkey with a banana between its legs and the logo: "Funky Blue Monkey . . . Wrap Yours."

Yoko Love
Note: Tempe trio that plays bluesy, pumped-up funk hinging on tight drum/bass grooves and front man Josh Prior's frenetic mike prowess.

Quote: "The combination of everything we put into our music is something nobody else has tapped into. We're proud of that--doing something original."--Josh Prior

P.S. Yoko Love has three songs about pimps.

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