20 EDM Songs We Don't Want to Hear in 2015

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Armin van Buuren featuring Trevor Guthrie, "This Is What It Feels Like" It's time to get over whoever this song is about, one word -- Tinder.

The Wanted, "Glad You Came" I know this isn't really dance music, but it was played more than I would have liked in 2014. I'm glad this song came, it was fun for the summer, but now it won't leave, and it's starting to get awkward.

Zed, "Clarity" This was a cute song after the first 50 times.

Disclosure, "White Noise" There''s no mistake that this is a solid, great track. We included Disclosure in our 10 EDM Artists We Hope Come to Phoenix in 2015, this song is purely victim to overplay.

David Guetta, "Titanium" They play this song in a spin class I go to. I am comfortable with it staying there.

Krewella, "Alive" Krewella is kind of joke to begin with, and the fact that they are dancing around in an abandon house in the middle of the desert, bashing shit with a baseball bat makes no fucking sense to me. I get that rebellious teenage girls think they're cool (I probably would if I was 14), but they aren't really that good to the rest of the world -- over it.

The Black Eyed Peas, "I've Got A Feeling" I'm all about dropping in a remix of an oldie in a set. Like something from Pink Floyd or Queen, but this song is in a weird limbo plane of existence where it's too new to be played as a "classic" and is too old to be relevant. And "classic" is really being generous. The solution: stop playing it.

Afrojack, "Take Over Control" While this track was basically a theme song for my friends and I for a while, and it's not played nearly as much as it used to be, let's officially leave this song in the past in 2015.

Flux Pavillion, "I Can't Stop" I love this track, but it debuted a pretty long time ago now, and there have been a lot of good dubstep tracks that have been released since. I feel like any DJ that still plays this song really needs to learn about Beatport.

Ellie Goulding, "Lights"

While Ellie Goulding does have unique and beautiful vocals, this song has been played so many times that I just can't take it anymore -- sorry Ellie!

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