4 Albums From 2013 Everyone Else Hated That I Loved

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MGMT - MGMT - Columbia

What The Critics Said: 4/10 - "MGMT's impressive global following should keep them on the festival circuit for awhile, where the uneven acoustics, heat, and distance between stage and audience actually match their blurred music." SPIN 2.5/5 - "[T]hose earworm moments are glossed over almost as soon as they appear, and many of these songs end up sounding drawn-and-quarterd because of it." [sic] - Consequence of Sound D "MGMT marches languidly in place, conserving its meager ideas by stretching them out far past the point of interest." - The AV Club

Why Those Critics Are Wrong and I Am Right: It totally blows every fucking time a single like "Kids" comes along with such permeating, ear-gouging, all-encompassing popularity -- not because the song is bad, but because it really gums any future attempts for the artist to grow. Lorde is gonna have a helluva time doing a follow-up. Critics and fans alike pissed all over MGMT's sophomore album Congratulations because it wasn't a "Time to Pretend" clone, and completely ignored the multitude of gifts that album expanded on. Morons.

This junior attempt had quite a few misses on it. Nothing sounds in tune and there are so many jagged transitions that it took me several listens to realize this was actually a pleasant thing. Weird, huh? The jangly work on "Mystery Disease" and "I Love You Too, Death" were hard on the ears at first, but give it some time and the notes fall into their own, eccentric place. Discord that evolves, challenges you and isn't readily accessible? No wonder everyone hated this album.

Yet, the cover of Faine Jade's 1968 single "Introspection" was especially nice and even the sloppy flute work adds something unconventional. And you know what? Your fucking life IS a lie and so is mine, so there.

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