5 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Week

Perhaps everyone has a music hangover from this past week, because after a week that saw a giant three-day music festival get washed out by the rain and featured performances by heavyweights Katy Perry, Drake, and Lil Wayne, this upcoming is much calmer. But that doesn't mean there aren't musical outlets available this week. Take a look at the calendar and you'll find concerts by Taylor Momsen's The Pretty Reckless, Eagles, and more. Check out our recommendations below, and browse our comprehensive concert calendar for a complete list.

Temples - Monday, September 29 - Crescent Ballroom

In an age when it seems nothing is new, it's easy to compare new music with something from the past. Temples are the remains of 1968: psychedelic rock with the punchy edge that T. Rex possessed and the whirlwind melodies that the Beatles experimented with on Sgt. Pepper's. Fans of Tame Impala and Smith Westerns will enjoy the sense of euphoria soaked in each gritty guitar lick and soothing lyric. Thomas Walmsley of Temples states, "We're just really into obscure pop music." Is it a coincidence that the British Invasion is resurfacing 50 years after its initial shipment of rock 'n' roll arrived on American soil? Possibly. The band has made a splash at Coachella and Fuji Rock Festival and hopes to make another one this fall at Austin City Limits. In addition, Temples will be involved in Red Distribution's "Ten Bands One Cause," a new retail initiative in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Temples, along with nine other bands, will reissue its songs on September 30 on pink vinyl for the cause. One dollar from each purchase will sponsor Gilda's Club NYC, a nonprofit created in the memory of original SNL cast member Gilda Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989. --Mandi Kimes

Ben Kweller - Tuesday, September 20 - Crescent Ballroom

All child prodigies grow up and most burn out, with only the lucky few maturing into capable adult talents that make it over the long haul. At age 33, Ben Kweller is now more than 17 years removed from the dizzying major label bidding war and late-night talk show performances that greeted his teenage band Radish, but the father of two still, at times, sounds like a fired-up and frustrated adolescent. That's not meant to be taken as a diss. Kweller's always been at his best when filtering Weezer's adenoidal fury through a classic singer/songwriter lens, and after a brief awkward detour into traditional country and western on 2009's Changing Horses, he's back at the task with renewed fervor. Sure he's not exactly showing off any range, just plenty of mid-tempo power-pop gems broken up by the occasional loping power ballad, but as usual Kweller more than makes up in catchy melodicism whatever he lacks in innovation. --Rob Van Alstyne

The Eagles - Wednesday, September 1 - Gila River Arena

Shitting on the Eagles is basically a national pastime for hard-core Americana fans. In fact, while there are several brilliant artists that alt-country loyalists are apt to bond over, dislike of the Eagles may be the single most prevalent and unifying force.

Yet while there is ample cause to loathe the Eagles, the band's raw output leaves no doubt that they're among the most influential bands in Americana history, especially when taking into account some of the insurgent acts of today. Yes, Glenn Frey's an insufferable prick. But it's time to take it easy on the band as a whole.

In order to make a legitimate case for Eagles redemption without coming off like a troll, it's important to acknowledge--and, when appropriate, refute--the many reasons why people hate the band. And the number one reason is Frey, the Rahm Emmanuel to Don Henley's Obama, only a lot less lovable. --Mike Seely

Gaslight Anthem - Wednesday, October 1 - The Marquee Theatre

Gaslight Anthem frontman's Brian Fallon's gritty voice has the appropriate level of character to give heft to the band's songs, lifting the anthems of everyday experiences and songs about girls, tragedy and death into a near mythical realm. Fallon's rich use of language and genuinely clever turns of phrase turned what might otherwise seem mundane into a genuinely heightened existential moment with each song. --Tom Murphy

Bombay Bicycle Club - Thursday, October 2 - Marquee Theatre

Bombay Bicycle Club was formed by four friends who were still in school in London when the band won a competition to play the prestigious V Festival in 2006. They have not only built on that hype, but they have outpaced it with four diverse but no less affecting albums that blend influences of pop, folk, and smooth electronic elements. Their rapturous fans continue to follow right along, growing even more passionate about the group with each successive release, as evidenced by the fact that the band is band in Phoenix for the second time in six months. Bombay Bicycle Club are still a young band finding their way through the pinnacles and pratfalls of the music industry, but they knew what to do when all eyes were on them, and have kept everyone's attention ever since. --Erik Thompson

Find any show in Metro Phoenix via our extensive online concert calendar.

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