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5 Most Outrageously Costumed Punk Bands

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For the past 20 years, this band of masked superheroes from the distant island of Aquabania has fought a global cast of villains like The Powdered Milk Man, each intent on destroying the musical reign of these punk rock icons. Clad in a custom set of rash guards, belts, masks, and "anti-negativity" helmets, the group has bought crime-fighting power to the stage of multiple generations.

This Saturday, September 20, the band brings its 20th anniversary tour to the Marquee Theatre, site of so many of the band's triumphs over the years. In celebration, we bring to you the five most outrageously costumed punk bands, in celebration of the best, The Aquabats.

5. Sex Pistols

Yeah yeah yeah. Punk progenitors, style icons, rule-breakers in the first degree. Whatever you want to call them, the Sex Pistols wore costumes. Manager Malcolm McLaren ran a clothing store, and built an image for the band around the outrageous, tattered, colored, BDSM-influenced outfits he sold in the store. Maybe the band's style was revolutionary, but it was still a costume, one Johnny Rotten wears in butter commercials to this day.

Spiked hair, studded jackets, and anarchic t-shirts to match snarling vocals and primitive guitars created the visual style to accompany the nihilistic visage which has stuck with punk throughout its history. What has become punk's defacto "uniform" (at least in the eyes of the mainstream), began as a costume. Iconography often begins in the funniest of ways.

4. Masked Intruder

Coming in at number four is the freshest set of faces (or in this case, masks) on our list, the pop-punk criminals in Masked Intruder. Signed to the legendary Fat Wreck Chords after doing time at the punk proving grounds of Red Scare Industries, this band of vandals (no pun intended) is out on parole, complete with police enforcement courtesy of the frequently-shirtless Officer Bradford.

Playing lightning-fast, sugary-sweet three-chord punk, the group has quickly attracted a legion of fellow law-breaking fans, all while remaining largely anonymous to the adoring public. Identifiable only by their respective colored ski masks and Converse All-Stars (and glasses-clad lead singer, the otherwise black-clad folks in Masked Intruder are out to steal your wallet, and the hearts of the ladies in the audience.

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