5 Must-See Local Music Videos

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Emby Alexander - "Manières"

This near-four minute video could best be described as quirky, not to mention arty, funny, and colorful. It's pastiche of footage from throughout European cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, and London alternates between vignettes of Emby Alexander's musicians portraying an increasing bizarre series of characters doing from everything lighting pipes, getting too close to cacti, wielding Moltov cocktails, and bearing stigmata wounds. There's also glimpses of lace being torn from a female form, which we assume relates to the songs lyrics about "Your morals clung to clothes/And so I tear them off."

jaguarsun - "Guatemala"

Yes, we understand the fact that this enigmatic EDM producer with a penchant for naming his projects after Central American locations sorta lives in both Phoenix and Orange County (we think), but the fact that he's from Phoenix and this video was clearly shot around the Valley makes it worthy of inclusion in this list. And no, we're not only including it because it features a gorgeous, barely dressed woman writing about and eye-fucking the camera. There's other eye candy about in the form of the elegant cinematography by filmmaker Marcus Eden, as well as the fact that the track itself if a quite listenable piece of ambient electronica.

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