5 New Locally Released Songs You Should Hear

Forget the Billboard Hot 100 -- if you're looking for catchy new music, look no further than the Valley. These five new songs from local artists are worth giving a spin.

"Unforgettable," Miss Krystle

Pop artist Miss Krystle, who is known for her eye-catching, slickly produced music videos, released "Unforgettable," a song she says hopes describes her music. "'Unforgettable' is a song about impact, which is my goal as an artist," Miss Krystle says. "I strive to make my art memorable and meaningful, and, as someone with big dreams, to make my music unforgettable."

"Oscilacao," by Elvis Boamorte e Os Boavidas, on DJ Seduce's new full-length album, Brazil:Sambossica, Volume 4

"Oscilacao," like everything DJ Seduce releases, will ignite a fire in your hips and under your feet. The upbeat track will make you want to grab a dance partner and twirl away to the funky Brazilian beat, fueled by sultry guitar lines, passionate vocals, and a snare drum line that holds it all together. "The band sounds like a mixture of reggae, soul and funk, with a twist of rock and electronica elements," DJ Seduce says. "Most people associate Brazilian music with Carnaval, or samba, but this is a different style, feel, rhythm and groove."

"Slip and Slide," Samuel L Cool J

Samuel L Cool J crafted a feel-good, surf pop-y track about a teenage boy longing to get the object of his affection on, well, a slip-and-slide contraption -- at least, that's what they innocently claim. "The chorus for 'Slip and Slide' popped in my head one day while I was driving my FedEx truck," says guitarist Joel Marquard. "It was stuck in my head for the next three years. The song is not supposed to be super-sexual. It's about a young teenage boy wanting to hang out with girl in the summer . . . or something like that." You be the judge. You can find the track by the 10-piece band on their recently released split 7-inch with fellow locals Black Carl.


If you like video games, you might like "Games" by 2TONEDISCO. The electronic dance song is reminiscent of old Nintendo favorites like Super Mario Bros., with repeated vocals of the word "games" that puts listeners in a nostalgic mood. "The song was simply inspired by one of our favorite downtime activities, games," says producer/DJ James Campbell. "Basically what we hope people take away from our music is that you don't have to take dance music too seriously and that melodies are still alive in the genre." Catch the DJ duo every Friday night at PROPER at Gypsy Bar in Phoenix, starting at 9 p.m.

"Stand in the Rain," Courtney Cotter King

The piano-powered "Stand in the Rain" is a track to inspire you to stay strong no matter what challenges you're facing, epically mastered and arranged, with orchestral strings creating a rich sound that's more mature than what you might expect from the 22-year-old. "It's not realistic to live through the motions and keep a dream in the back of your head," Cotter King says. "I want people to listen to this song and feel inspired to do what they love."

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