6 Best Concerts to See in Phoenix This Weekend

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Rob Zombie - Friday, September 19 - Westworld

Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare runs from September 19 through November 1. There's three different twisted haunted houses based on Rob Zombie's horror films and characters; the Bloody Boulevard, a themed midway with freakshows, activities, games and more; and a line up of concerts through the Halloween season. Opening night is a perfect time to go and check out the creepy scene, as well as get a tasty dose of Rob Zombie's live show, filled with pyrotechnics, creepy costumes, scantily clad women, and horror clips. --Lauren Wise

Mickey Avalon - Friday, September 19 - Crescent Ballroom

Mickey Avalon is constantly loaded.

He's loaded with clever rhymes and catchy hooks, played by DJs to writhing Hollywood club kids who don't understand that half of the dark memories Mickey shares are actual experiences. When he started rapping around 2004, he was loaded with the burden of family members dying; of drugs and that all-too familiar feeling of being lost. In 2012's Loaded, he brought us a soundtrack to live out our most debauched rock 'n' roll fantasies, dripping in hedonistic energy and comical admissions.

Anyone who is a Mickey Avalon fan -- or foe -- knows about the electro-influenced Hollywood glam-rapper's past. Some would say it's drenched in decadence, but to me it's the opposite. Even now with his success, he seems to relish the gritty, back-alley way of doing things. Sometimes it seems to relate more to rock music than rap, so maybe that's where his broad appeal comes into play. 30 years after Iggy Pop described himself as "a street-walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm" on the Stooges' 1973 hit "Search and Destroy," Mickey Avalon has brought that same stance to the stage--as well as Iggy's tradition of upholding an underground following early in his career with a somehow sickly sweet yet forbidden lyrical imagery. --Lauren Wise

LIVEStyle PHX Battle of the DJs - Saturday, September 20 - Comerica Theatre

Got a question for y'all, and it might not be an easy one to answer -- which of the PHX's many scratchers, mixers, spinners or beat junkies happens to be the top DJ around? It's something we've often wondered ourselves, and topic that's been debated quite endlessly in clubs, at gigs, or behind the decks. And while this weekend's LIVEStyle PHX Battle of the DJs won't necessarily decide, once and for all, who's the best of the best in the Valley, it will certainly strengthen such a claim by whoever emerges as the winner.

A total of 10 locals will face off at Comerica Theatre on Saturday during the showdown, which is organized by Top 40 station Live 101.5. Each finalists will get 10 minutes to "hype the crowd and get the judges jumpin'" with their originality, creativity, technical savvy, and party-rocking abilities in hopes of securing a $1,000 cash prize and a guest gig on the station. Some of Phoenix's more prominent and exceedingly talented selectors are involved in LIVEStyle competition, such as the Bumsquad's DJ Area4, local DMC champ LES735, Blunt Club regular Reflekshin, and The Pulse's DJ SkreamCutZ. Other finalists include DJayT3, DJ Éclair, Stealth Bomber, DJ Av, Jeff Jones, and DJ Pete. The records roll starting at 7 p.m. Admission is $5. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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