6 Boys Noize Tracks You Should Hear

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If you're on the fence about going to the show on a weeknight, these songs will help you convince yourself that it's a responsible decision. Or, if you're already going, add these Boys Noize classic tracks to your pregame playlist.

"Jeffer" (2009)

"Jeffer" is a popping electro track with an addictive melody that's often associated with the Youtube video of the hipster with some serious dancing skills grooving for the camera in what looks like a 70s style basement.

"Swoon" Remix (2010)

Boys Noize took the already good romantic, progressive track "Swoon" by the Chemical Brothers and made it his own. The original version is soft and melodic, which seemed like a stretch for a DJ known for his raw, gritty style of electro. Boys Noize kept everything we liked about "Swoon," and elevated the track with an electro bounce.

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Amanda Savage
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