7 Best Concerts to See This Weekend

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Naturally, most of the major venues throughout Phoenix have full slates booked for every evening this weekend and even more options await on our online concert calendar.

So, yeah, like we said...whatcha going to do this weekend?

HÄXAN's First Anniversary - Friday, October 4 - Palazzo

Despite the gloomy and menacing nature of the music he spins -- not to mention his badass neck tattoos and an occasionally surly countenance and -- the DJ known as Tristan/Iseult is a nice enough fellow. There's a similar sort of paradox afoot with his monthly dance night HÄXAN, which takes place every first Friday at Palazzo.

While its self-described as a "doomed disco-tech for discordant souls that wish to writhe with joy through the impending darkness," the affair could be considered a lively celebration of sorts, doomy atmosphere aside. Well, at least for the misfits, rivetheads, and creatures of the night that happily gather at the goth club for Tristan/Iseult and DJ Plastic Disease's ominous audio offerings of darkwave, okkvlt, witch house, industrial, and post-nothingness, as well as "unsettling visuals" being projected on the walls.

And the latest episode of the freakish fete on Friday may even get a little more festive, as it will mark HÄXAN's first anniversary. DJ Xian of likeminded L.A. spot Warlok will be the special guest. Doors open at 9:30 p.m. with the 18-and-over afterhours starting at 2 a.m. Admission is $8. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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