8 of the Best Stoner Metal Albums of All Time

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When making lists such as these, it can be difficult not to contemplate for hours on end about the different characteristics that really categorize as a "stoner" metal band. There's a lot of crossover between stoner, sludge and doom metal. But we don't have time to parse over the minutiae at the moment. So for now, whether you're looking for that slow-burning psychedelic sound, or a glass bong-shattering style that's fierce and fast, this list of albums is sure to provide you with a fix -- whether you partake in the devil's lettuce or not.

Orange Goblin, Time Traveling Blues

Over the past two decades, UK-based Orange Goblin has evolved into a particularly awesome hybrid strain of metal. The UK-based band combines the catchy rhythms of bands like Black Sabbath, the punk attitude of the Misfits, and the rock and roll sounds of acts such as Monster Magnet. While the band has an array of notable records, 1998's Time Traveling Blues gets me with a timeless sound of melodic, grinding guitar work, heavy drumwork and roaring vocals. It's thick with blues scales, atmospheric jam solos, irresistible groove and distortion, and monstrous drum and cymbal work.

Electric Wizard, Time to Die

If you're addicted to the darker side of metal's lyrical content, like the occult, H.P. Lovecraft, horror, then Electric Wizard is for you. Besides singing about those subjects, there's also a healthy dose of cannabis love thrown in there. Time to Die is the band's eighth and most recent, as well as their longest studio album to date--so it's perfect for those long stoner seshes, set in a dark room swirling with smoke that will be nowhere near as dense as this album's thicket of grooves and rifffs. It's also close to my heart, because it marks the bands renewed energy after their not-so-great 2010 record Black Masses. Sit back and melt into the eerie tempos and zombie-esque melodies, sneering to wailing vocals, and various tracks that touch on influences such as garage rock and Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath, Master of Reality

I don't personally categorize Black Sabbath as stoner metal - however the band's third studio album, Master of Reality, fits nicely on this list. Released in 1971, the record was far ahead of it's time musically, so there are many who consider this the first stoner metal album of time.

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