9 Phoenix Frontmen and Frontwomen Who Will Make You Love Them

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Emma Pew - Black Carl

What once was What Laura Says is now Black Carl, the undisputed biggest band in the Valley. In Phoenix and the surrounding area, Black Carl seems able to fill just about every venue it books.

Besides having one of the most recognizable voices in local music, Pew also possess one of the most powerful. Her soulful delivery exudes confidence and adds a lot of the crypto-hip-hop style that Black Carl hangs its hat on.

It also doesn't hurt that the Tempe-based singer with the powerful pipes also is a snazzy dresser. She has a keen style and dresses for the occasion, like her final performance of 2013 at Crescent Ballroom The event called for attendees to "dress to entice," and she took it to heart with a classic "little black dress." An afternoon set at True Music Festival merited a more casual look, featuring Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Robbie Pfeffer - Playboy Manbaby

Few lead singers in Phoenix can control a crowd like Robbie Pfeffer. When Pfeffer tells his crowd to get down on their knees for dramatic effect, they do. When it's time for the crowd to go all out, Pfeffer gives the cues and the crowd responds in kind.

A Playboy Manbaby show isn't going to bring the dramatic intrigue you get when Garnet and DRYC are in motion, but what Pfeffer lacks in theatrical instincts and flashy costumes, he makes up with pure uninhibited madness.

At a recent show, Pfeffer was lifted off of the stage by his fans for an impromptu crowd-surf; another crowd-surfer lit a sparkler inside the Trunk Space in mid-air. It takes a charismatic act to incite the kind of crowd reaction that Playboy Manbaby receives, and Pfeffer is certainly a large part of the band's appeal.

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