9 Phoenix Frontmen and Frontwomen Who Will Make You Love Them

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Brandon Decker - decker.

There is a rumor that Brandon Decker stands on his signature platform so he'll be as tall as the rest of his band, but that is probably not true. The real reason Decker brings his own stage is to create that amazing thump with his makeshift percussion instruments, which include a tambourine played with a drum pedal and a piece of wood with a speaker attached to it.

With a persona that comes off as half-preacher half-cowboy, the intensity of Decker's performance is not easily matched. While his tunes and lyrics paint the landscape of a dusty desert, his emotionality, stage performance, soulful voice, and cryptic lyrics create the aura of a preacher.

Seeing decker. is as much an emotional experience as it is a musical one, and so much of the performance is based on Brandon Decker's voice and mannerisms.

Travis James - Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly

Though it does not hurt to have two Haymarket Squares back him up, Travis James really is the heart and soul of TJAAA. His choice to play among the audience instead of on stage as often as possible always adds some panache, but a Travis James performance is so much more than that.

Travis James performances sometimes include destruction, usually include a waltz, and almost always includes a sing-along. But by sing, I mean mosh like crazy and scream your heart out.

Any frontman who encourages his crowd to do more or less anything it wants -- including boo or throw things at him -- is obviously a good sport. But James takes it a step further by acting in kind, and does just about anything he wants while performing. Whether he's overtaking abandoned buildings, performing at unpermitted festivals in parks, or just playing around the backyard fire at Lawn Gnome Publishing James, it is a lot of fun to see him make music, with or without The Acrimonious Assembly.

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