Adult Swim Gets a Permanent Home at Hotel San Carlos, Despite Getting Visited By the Cops

How did Adult Swim's Memorial Day edition at the Hotel San Carlos fare? 

To hear co-promoter Jen Deveroux describe things, it started sounding like déjà vu all over again.

"The cops came by a few times and the hotel told us to bring down the volume," says Deveroux, who organizes the popular summertime pool party with DJs Jared Alan and William Fucking Reed.

But instead of pulling the plug on the fashionable swimming soiree -- a fate that's befallen Adult Swim a few times since its creation back in 2008 -- the trio had a different solution in mind: Move things to the hotel's Ghost Lounge on the ground floor.

"We had to move fast, but in a matter of like 15 minutes we got things going downstairs," Deveroux says. "There were a few kinks to be worked out but overall it was pretty cool."

So cool, in fact, that not only did the party go long into the night, but the trio decided that starting this Sunday, each weekend's edition of Adult Swim will go down at the San Carlos in that same fashion for the rest of the summer. 

Here's the plan: The party will start at noon on the hotel's fifth floor pool with Alan, Reed, and an array of guests serving indie rock and remixes aplenty. Things will start winding down upstairs at around 7 p.m., as the Ghost Lounge start rocking with even more DJs and dancing until 2 a.m.

In addition to allowing Adult Swim patrons to enjoy the weekly wingding without any fear of shutdown, Deveroux says the lounge will also serve as an overflow area of sorts during the changeover period between upstairs and downstairs since no more than 80 people can be in the pool area at one time.

"Everyone seems to come out to Adult Swim at around 6 p.m. or 7 pm anyway," she says. "So it all works out."

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