After Texts from Bennett, Mac Lethal Keeps Rapping Forward

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But as is Mac Lethal's modus operandi, there seems to be no shortage of thoughts and themes running through his mind. Whether or not they're translated into lyricism or prose is up to him, but commenting on social issues has always been a part of his equation. "Beatbox + iPhone + Guitar + Fast Rap = Win," a particularly moving example of Mac Lethal's DIY Youtube video ethic that lyrically centers around both the media and Westboro Baptist Church's handling of the Sandy Hook tragedy, is such a commentary that's indicative of Lethal's much-needed attempts to shake people awake.

"When you do that to a bunch of five-year-olds, who have no ability to defend themselves, and they're just developing and they don't understand -- that was going through my mind and body and soul at the time," he explains. "It wasn't somebody trying to make a name off of a tragedy, which I always make sure [I'm not doing]. If I want to write a song about a current social issue I always have to echo it off of somebody."

That sense of conscious responsibility is also delivered at a neck-breaking speed, a part of Mac Lethal's sound that's made him such a fan favorite in the Midwest. Hailing from the same holy ground as the speed king Tech N9ne himself, it's no surprise that Mac's technical ability is as well-articulated and defined.

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