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Andrew W.K. Coming to Tempe; Here's Five Party Jams to Celebrate

In the midst our daily humdrum of going to work, eating, and sleeping, it can be very easy to overlook one of the most important things in life: Partying. Luckily we have someone like Andrew W.K., who has based his life and career on the concept of "partying," expanding its definition and celebrating the very spirit of the thing.

And it seems to be working out better for him than most reality TV stars. Andrew's Twitter is dedicated to hilarious party tips ranging from the wise, "PARTY TIP: Never change yourself just to satisfy someone else. That's bullshit!" to the completely random, "PARTY TIP: Mini-vans and trucks kick ass."

Tempe is going to get a lot more awesome when Andrew W.K. comes to Marquee Theatre on Sunday, March 11 for the 10th anniversary of his debut album, I Get Wet. To celebrate, we came up with a list of five songs about Andrew W.K.'s favorite thing, ever: Partying!

LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem

Sure, this song's been overplayed quite a bit. The same can be said about "We Want Fun" when it first came out. Apparently all you need to survive a zombie apocalypse is oversized sunglasses, the Melbourne shuffle, and some party rock anthems you're really burned out on.

Rebecca Black- Friday

"We so excited! Fun, fun, fun, fun!" She's not doing it right...Andrew W.K. really needs to teach her how to party. Though she does have a point: Fridays are pretty rad.

Beastie Boys- (You Gotta Fight) Fight For Your Right (to Party)

The Beastie Boys have been partying for nearly two decades longer than Andrew W.K., and could give him a tip or two. Here's hoping no bad people show up to your soda and pie party and trash your TV.

DMX- Party Up

You're doing something right if you can turn a bank robbery into a party. Dancing girls are always a lifesaver.

The Hold Steady- Massive Nights

Most Hold Steady songs are about crazy parties. They even have a song called "Killer Parties" with the lyrics "killer parties almost killed me." Sometimes you've just got to rock Boys and Girls America before you get black out drunk.

And as a bonus, here's Mr. W.K. having a bit of fun on the Oklahoma news:

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