Andy Warpigs - The Lost Leaf - 3/16/14 (VIDEO)

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But, obviously, it was Warpigs who was the center of attention, and the ultra-eccentric cowboy definitely held the spotlight. Sunday night's was easily the best set that Warpigs, along with bass player Jackson Bollocks, guitarist Jellyroll Jenkins, and drummer Justin White, have ever played. But it is also easy to say that because the folk punkers have only really played four or five shows together.

Andy and his band went through the entire album, but did so out of order due to Warpigs' level of inebriation. It didn't really matter that the band was drunk; the people were at the show to lose their minds to a mixture of punk and hip-hop and celebrate one of the more involved members of the Phoenix music scene.

And the losing-their-minds part seemed to come pretty natural to the crowd at Lost Leaf. Fans took turns jumping into the pit in the bar's minuscule performance area, and it wasn't just guys either. Female Warpigs fans and Nerdzerker fans alike hit the pit just as hard as any of their male counterparts.

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