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Are You a Cute Blond Lady? Now Is a Good Time to Be in a Music Video

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So, why blondes? A quick Google search of "why are blondes attractive" yielded that men have been attracted to blonde hair ever since prehistoric times because it's a sign of youth. Sure, it seems nutty, but some of those brunettes you know were born with awesome golden blonde hair that gradually got darker with age, so now they're stuck with an "ash" or "dishwater" blonde, or some other color so dull that hair dye companies put it down with an unappealing name.

The theory is that men seek out blonde haired women because it's an indicator that they're still young and their hair hasn't darkened yet. Perhaps this is the root of so many blonde bombshells getting cast in movies and becoming quote unquote celebrities, even if they dye their hair. Thanks Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Just look at Pamela Anderson- she's one of the most renowned sex symbols of the '90s, and perhaps all time. She starred in her share of music videos as well, from Cinderella to Tommy Lee's atrocious Methods of Mayhem. Anderson perhaps best lives up to her blonde maneater (no pun intended) stereotype in Lit's music video for "Miserable."

But, indie music must be different, right? By and large, the genre doesn't feature bikini-clad gals flaunting their goods. Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson probably won't be starring in the new Radiohead music video any time soon, but the genre is guilty of the blonde fetish as much as any other, except that the Barbie archetype is replaced by the Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

In short, the MPDG is a quirky girly girl who says "sexy" things like how The Shins will change your life (ie. Natalie Portman in Garden State) and will start a romance based on a mutual love of The Smiths (ie. Zooey Deschanel in (500) Days of Summer). This archetype still finds its way into music videos, and contrary to the Natalie and Zooey types, she's as blonde as ever.

Kirsten Dunst is practically the poster child of indie cuteness. Before you scroll down to leave an angry comment about how some other non-blonde girl with bangs deserves the title, think about how many times you've watched The Virgin Suicides. Air made the soundtrack pretty killer and hey look, Dunst starred in the accompanying music video.

This was about as indie as it got for her music video career, as she also appeared in a Savage Garden video.

Chloe Sevigny is another actress who earned her indie cred early on. She bared it all in a Sonic Youth video while she was still in high school-

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