Naughty librarian fantasies, anyone?
Naughty librarian fantasies, anyone?

Arizona Fetish Ball Kicks up the Kink

"You're going to the Arizona Fetish Ball? Isn't that kinda lame?" We can't count the number of times we've heard that question in regards to Horns and Halos' annual S&M soiree. And to be honest, sometimes it was lame. Inevitably, there was a parade of hotties (and some notties) in teensy thongs and boob-tape Xs. Mild-mannered accountants would don leather masks and ring harnesses and the Ren Fair geek-girls would show up in Victorian-era riding outfits with riding crops. Hmm...what else? Oh yeah, whipping. Chains. People suspended from hooks driven into their flesh.

Speaking of ass, so much more of it after the jump...   

Why would anyone submit to being paddled raw or dragged around on a chain -- or, God forbid, made to wear a diaper? The best answer we got was from Paul of Toys4Lust, the BDSM paraphernalia peddler that raffled off a $1200 torture device. "A lot of people experiment with the lifestyle when they're younger for the amazing sex," he explained. "But as you get older, for some people it becomes a spiritual journey." Sadly, we did not win the raffle...but there's always next year.



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