Arizona State Fair Concerts

Arizona State Fair Concerts: Who You'll See and When in 2013

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Zendaya - Friday, October 25 If The Wanted isn't your brand of tween fandom-pop maybe give Zendaya, a Disney-Channel-star-turned-regular-star with a 1996 birthday, a shot. Like many Disney alums, it's hard to tell whether she's an actress who's singing or a singer who's acting. Regardless, Wikipedia tells me she's a former Kidz Bop featured performer (about which more later) and once released a single entitled "Swag It Out."

I've got a not-insignificant appetite for huge pop songs--somebody had to gave Taylor Swift a BOP, after all--but at this level, when they're attached to Disney shows, it's not really necessary to know a lot about them in advance. If you know a small person who wants to go to the Zendaya show, you'll hear all about it in due time. Tickets are $15 for this 7 p.m. concert.

Billy Currington - Saturday, October 26 Country fans not sated by Trace Adkins will have Billy Currington to kick around a couple of weeks later; he hasn't quite hit the same mainstream-recognition levels, but that might just be because his name isn't so perfectly country as Trace Adkins.

Currington is definitely further down the crossover spectrum than Adkins, if that means something to you; his latest album has a duet with Willie Nelson and a Jack Johnson cover. On songs like "Hey Girl" he's not your country friend per se--he's your friend from the south, or south-ish maybe, who has an acoustic guitar but also wears flip-flops to the mall. Tickets are $20 for this 7 p.m. concert.

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