Arizona State Fair Concerts

Arizona State Fair Concerts: Who You'll See and When in 2013

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Jerry Lewis(!) - Sunday, October 27 That's comedy-Dean-Martin-telethon Jerry Lewis (87), not rock-pioneer-piano Jerry Lee Lewis (78), and I'm as surprised as you are. He just made a movie this year--his first since 1995, by the advance press's count--so maybe I shouldn't be quite so surprised as I am.

In any case, I have no idea what a Jerry Lewis performance consists of in 2013, but that's almost beyond the point--when else are you going to get a shot to find out? Tickets are $15 for this 5 p.m. concert.

Megadeth - Wednesday, October 30 Dave Mustaine and co. are an interesting contrast to the usual classic-rock nostalgia--listening to Megadeth is going back to a time when a genre was big, and Megadeth seemed somehow both vital and dangerous. Megadeth is not even a little dangerous now; Mustaine is now a stone-sober born-again Christian.

But they're still Megadeth. If you can bring the memories of metal being primary debaucher of the nation's youth--if you're young now, you can even bring them second-hand--they'll bring the loud, fast, aggressive music.

Original Members: Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson. Drummer Shawn Drover has been around since 2004, and guitarist Chris Broderick since 2008.

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