Here's your inspiration.
Here's your inspiration.
By gavinandrewstewart on flickr Creative Commons.

Arty Girl: Artists Wanted for Recycled Fashion Show

Remember in Season 3 of Project Runway when the contestants had just one day to sift through a recycling plant for materials and then create an outfit from trash?

If you don't, here's an incredibly long (but somewhat hilarious) blow-by-blow account of the episode on

Lucky for you, you have six days to do the same thing for the Recycled Fashion Show at the Grand Avenue Festival on Saturday, September 26th.

This inaugural Grand Avenue Festival is all about the adaptive re-use and sustainability of the neighborhood so it's only fitting that similarly themed events will take place. Participating artists and designers are encouraged to use reused/recycled items only - this isn't a show that just pieces together vintage fabrics.

A $10 entry fee per outfit will be charged and you must be present at the show to help with proper fitting. The designs must be wearable, able to move and must cover all the crotches and tatas of the models.

You have until September 20th so...make it work!

For more information contact Lee Berger at 602-252-7449.


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