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Arty Girl: Artpick 2008 at Phoenix Art Museum

By Lilia Menconi

Well? Have you? Answer me!!!!

So I throw around the words "juried exhibition" a lot. And, every time I use it, my silly imagination runs with the term. I can't help it. I picture a big scary panel of judges sitting in a dim room. A bright spotlight blasts down on an innocent little painting sitting across from the row of hypercritical eyes. This poor painting is sweating, worrying, waiting for its ultimate judgment and I feel sorry for it.

That's ridiculous, I know. Paintings don't have feelings. But I can't help but to imagine the selection process this way. The drama!

At Phoenix Art Museum tonight, you can be a part of this shrewd activity at ArtPick 2008. Okay, maybe it's not shrewd. Actually it sounds like a super fabulous and fancy time. And you have a few hours to pull yourself together, make reservations and join this process.

It's hosted by Contemporary Forum - the support organization committed to accumulating donations in support of the museum's contemporary collection - and the tickets are $95.

So, no, I won't be there. But if I had the cash, I'd be throwing on a winter-y cocktail dress and heading to the museum. This is an annual fund raising event with food, drink, a silent auction and, of course, the chance to vote on which piece should be added to the museum's contemporary collection.

Even though I won't be there to cast my vote, I can't wait to see which piece wins. And, yes, I will probably feel sorry for the losers.

To make reservations for ArtPick 2008, call Contemporary Forum at 602-307-2029 or visit

ArtPick 2008 by Contemporary Forum begins at 6 p.m. tonight at the Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N. Central Avenue in Phoenix, 602-257-1222,

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Lilia Menconi
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