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Arty Girl: Artsy Pets

I'm not going to lie here...this whole idea could go really right...or really, really, really wrong.

West Valley Art Museum is holding a photo contest for artsy pets.

I can't resist writing about it. Because it's just kinda funny. And I've seen some stellar shows at WVAM, so I'm inclined to trust them.

So by "artsy pets", they mean "a picture of a pet animal that is somehow 'artsy'. The dog, cat or whatever, can be posed with art or art materials; creating 'art' or even looking like an artist."

Nervous? Me too.

Now, I'm hoping this simply doesn't mean poorly framed snapshots of kitties and puppies in beret's with paintbrushes in their mouths. Although, I admit that I would still think that's hilariously tacky.

But, as usual, I would like to see something with thought and integrity. So we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, if you're interested, the deadline has been extended until April 17th. And I hope someone takes the opportunity to amp this contest up beyond images you'd find on a cat calendar.

Deadline has been extended until April 17th and th entry fee has been waived. All entries myst be digital via CD or email ([email protected] or gpalov[email protected]). Check

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