OMG, can I borrow that onesie?
OMG, can I borrow that onesie?
Courtesy of a.ware.

Arty Girl: A.ware Screen-o-Rama on Saturday

Naturally, I like to give a little background to the subjects I blog about. I mean, that's what writers do, yes?

So today, I'm writing about the crafting duo, a.ware. And when I punched in some key words to a search engine, waddya know, an Arty Girl entry was the first link listed.

Things have really come full circle for me, eh?

So I just took the liberty of copying the little bio paragraph about a.ware I wrote so long ago:

Julie Hampton, a teacher with a Master's in creative writing and local photographer, Carol Panaro-Smith started a.ware girls to satisfy their "crafty" side. Panaro-Smith makes gorgeous books, collages and photo cards and Hampton makes pretty much whatever her whim demands - belts, candles, cards, jewelry, etc. When the two get together, they screenprint t-shirts, scarves and adorable onesies from appropriated images found in old books.

Speaking of screen printing, their annual Screen-o-Rama is tomorrow!

The girls have all the goods on hand to set you up for some sweet shirt-makin'. You can bring your own shirt or buy one of theirs for just $10-$12. They have over 20 images to choose from at a measly $5 per image (or 2 for $8).

But shirts aren't the only thing you can pick up here. The girls have put together a Plant Bar for you to create your very own little garden. There are a dozen different varieties of plants to choose from. All have been rescued or are pups from existing plants (so sustainable!). Prices range from $1-$8 and you can bring your own pots if you want.

Oh, and, for once, don't leave the kids at home. This event is for the whole family.

Screen-O-Rama is on Saturday, November 28th from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. at Alchemy Studio, 4022 E. Cambridge Ave in Phoenix.


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