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Arty Girl: Call for Music Objects @ SMoCA

Back in the late 80's, little nine-year-old me saved my $2.50 per week allowance to buy my first cassette tape, "Faith No More: The Real Thing". I played that thing to death on some crappy, portable tape player with one speaker. Needless to say, both the player and the cassette are long gone.

I'm assuming that most music fans had better equipment than I. At least, that's my hope. And it looks like Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art hopes that, too.

SMoCA is looking to put together an exhibition that shows off portable listening devices, playback machines, musical instruments and all related paraphernalia from the 1950s to today. The show will be called Rewind Remix Replay: Design, Music and Everyday and will run from December 19, 2009 to May 23, 2010.

Curators need your help to make this happen. So if you have items that fit the bill, bring 'em on down on June 27th for consideration. SMoCA is looking for nostalgic or rare items in good condition. Everything from boomboxes, record players, ipods, turntables, walkmans, guitars, synthesizers and even advertisements for such items will be considered. And if your stuff is too big to lug down, just bring a photo.

So, not only do you have the chance to dust off and show off your wicked gear at an art museum, but each person who brings one or more items gets free admission for the day and two free passes to come back and see the exhibition when it runs.

Music to my ears.

"Music Design Call for Objects @ SMoCA" happens Saturday, June 27th from 10am-3pm at 7374 E. 2nd St in Scottsdale. Call coordinator Clare C. Carter at 480-874-4630 or email at [email protected] for questions related to the exhibition object search. 

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Lilia Menconi
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