Arty Girl: Casting Call for Models

Don't worry, if you're interested in this modeling gig, you can still eat lunch today.

This casting call is for artsy fashion models. It's for people who are fun to look at because they are pretty/interesting/beautiful/wild/alternative/kinda scary.

The Grand Avenue Festival, set to take place September 26th, will feature (among many other things) four fashion shows throughout the evening. The runway will boast our local talents in clothing and accessory design whose creations are available at various boutiques downtown and across the Valley.

In keeping with our downtown arts vibe, organizers are looking for the not-so-common model. They don't exclusively want the 5' 10", 105 pound girl with long, straight hair. Although, if that describes you, there may be a place for you (it is fashion, after all). But many designers are looking for models who express an "alternative lifestyle".

They want tattoos, piercings and nutso hairstyles. So it seems that if you look good and interesting, you could stroll down the catwalk alongside the traditional model-type - personifying the arts in fashion without making women in the audience feel guilty for eating food.

Previous experience is always a plus, but not a necessity. And they're looking for boys and girls, ages 18-30.

So dig out your America's Next Top Model DVD's and practice your walk in front of the mirror - auditions are Saturday, August 15th at Afterlife Club (formerly e4) in Old Town Scottsdale from 9-12 p.m. Click here for more details.

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