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Arty Girl: Chihuly Update

It's Chihuly...again! Check our fabulous slideshow.

Well, Arty Girl got caught in the crossfire between two other bloggers in the Valley and, consequently, was called out on dropping the ball on today's previous Arty Girl blog.

The free weekend at the Desert Botanical Garden has apparently been booked up, as was pointed out by East Valley Tribune Writer, Jess Harter.

Harter, who bagged our music editor, Martin Cizmar, for this mistake, was apparently too busy calling the Desert Botanical Garden to pay attention to our blog's byline.

I apologize to my readers (all two of you) for the misinformation in my blog.

For the record, the free weekend that is taking place February 14th-16th has been booked up...just goes to show how popular this show is and how it's certainly one not to be missed.

You can still catch it until May 31st.

"Chihuly: The Nature of Glass" is open until May 31, 2009 at The Desert Botanical Garden, 1201 N. Galvin Pkwy (Papago Park) in Phoenix, 480-941-1225,

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Lilia Menconi
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