Arty Girl: "Fill in the Groove" at Hoodlums slideshow

Puzzled by Tim Ham

If you've know me for any amount of time, you know I'm an incessant story re-teller. It's an unforgivable offense and I apologize to my friends and family for having to put up with me.

There's nothing more embarrassing than starting off with a great build-up only to be shot down with, "Yeah, yeah...are you talking about that Thanksgiving night you ended up at the abandoned dog tracks - that busted building across the highway from the prison? Yeah, Lilia, you told me this already."

Now I force myself to hedge every story with, "Did I already tell you about the time...?"

So, rather than repeat myself about the "Fill in the Groove: Vinyl Art Show" at Hoodlums Music store, just read this. And then check out the slideshow.

Do this now so I won't have to repeat myself later.

--Lilia Menconi

"Fill in the Groove: Vinyl Art Show" opens December 13 at Hoodlums, 6434 S. McClintock Dr. in Tempe. Call 480-775-2722 or visit


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