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Arty Girl: First Friday FYI

Roosevelt Row can be a little overwhelming on First Friday. Every month, I wade my way through a sea of people for a couple hours, then burn out and head home. Of course, I inevitably miss a couple items on my "to see" list.

This Friday will be jam-packed for sure. So here are a couple spots to prioritize for your First Friday mental map.

You may want to stop by Gold Lion Boutique at 912 N. 5th Street, just south of the Lost Leaf bar. Gold Lion used to be all the way up on Camelback Rd. (yikes) but has now joined the retail party on 5th St. The little store has vintage and locally designed clothes, accessories and jewelry. I'm super excited for the street's addition - with two boutiques, a coffee shop and a bar on the strip, you can't really ask for much more.

The other spot you may want to pop into is the Jamaican grill, Breadfruit at 108 E. Pierce St. They're serving a fabulous-sounding mango lemonade with organic mint (yum x5000) while Purple Kush busts some live reggae music. Not to mention, paintings by local self-taught artist, Shakur, will be on display.

And then there's Just Breathe. This wellness sanctuary offers an impressive line-up of services: yoga classes, pilates instruction, massage and meditation. This Friday, the place will have fire dancers, an art show and a raffle. Oh, and they'll have chair massages to rub out the stress from your week.

Hmmm. On second thought, you may want to make a real map, not just a mental one. Vintage clothing, fresh lemonade and a massage is just too good to pass up.

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Lilia Menconi
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