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Arty Girl: Get Your Culture Pass

Dammit, I knew a reason would come along sooner or later that would force me into paying my late fees at the Phoenix Public Library.

I feel really guilty about dodging those fees. I know it makes me a bad person. I owe them a chunk of change for keeping some DVD's for a ridiculous amount of time for no real good reason, other than I'm lazy.

And now, with this whole Culture Pass thing, I'm going to have to pony up.

Oh, the Culture Pass! That's right...that's what I'm blogging about.

Gosh, I get so distracted when I'm talking about me!

Starting today, library cardholders can use their card to check out a Culture Pass. This little baby will get you into participating arts and cultural venues for free. And it covers admission for up to four people.

Here's how it works: go to one of these libraries...

Chandler Public Library
Glendale Public Library
Mesa Public Library
Phoenix Public Library
Scottsdale Public Library
Tempe Public Library

...and pick out a card for the museum you'd like to get into for free. Then check out the card just like you check out a book (or a DVD that you'll keep forever) and you get a date-due slip that admits you into the chosen museum. After seven days, the slip expires and you can trash it. That means no late fees (thank God).

You can get your culture on at the following spots:

Arizona Museum for Youth
Arizona Museum of Natural History
Arizona Science Center
The Bead Museum
Cave Creek Museum
Children's Museum of Phoenix
Desert Botanical Garden
Heard Museum
Mesa Contemporary Arts
Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix Zoo
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Taliesin West

So if you've got that library card, go see some great artsy stuff for free!

Well, free if you aren't a lazy turd like me who has to pay off late fees first. Sigh.

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