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Arty Girl: Get Your Shop On

I hesitate to tell others about this but both Rowdy Boutique and frances vintage are having winter sales.

I've been keeping my mouth shut about it all week but the guilt of denying my precious readers this information has proven too great...and I broke.

(My apologies to my fellow female co-workers for letting the word out.)

The Rowdy Boutique is getting rid of its winter inventory with a sidewalk sale that only lasts today and tomorrow (Friday, January 29 - Saturday, January 30). They're advertising all Jackets and Sweaters at 50% off and designer denim for a measly $40.

I don't know about you, but I'll be spending my lunch hour at Rowdy.

And then frances vintage is marking 75% off from their winter apparel, selected jewelry, bags, books and other trinkets. This sale starts today (Friday, January 29) and goes on until supplies last.

Yes, the time is now...we've got our pick of the litter.

Rowdy Boutique, 4717 North 7th Street in Phoenix, 602-277-0510,

Frances vintage, 10 West Camelback Road in Phoenix, 602-279-5467,

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Lilia Menconi
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