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Arty Girl: Help Your Local Arts

Okay, so the economy took a great big dump and we're all shakin' in our boots, right?

I suppose the good news is, there's always someone worse off than you. Just think of the artists. They were "starving" even during the roaring 90's.

Without our artists and the organizations that support their work, we won't have quality museums and galleries. Without that, Arty Girl would cease to exist. And without Arty Girl, well, this might happen.

Phoenix Art Museum is trying to rustle up good deeds (and good donations) towards the arts with their campaign. They are calling for donations as little as $10 to help the Valley's largest arts and cultural organizations stick around in spite of budget cuts and financial challenges.

Their website claims that 100% of your donation goes to the organization of your choice and you get to choose from the following:

Actors Theatre
Arizona Opera Company
Arizona Science Center
Arizona Theatre Company
Ballet Arizona
Desert Botanical Garden
Free Arts of Arizona
Heard Museum
Mesa Arts Center
Phoenix Art Museum
The Phoenix Symphony
Phoenix Theatre
The Phoenix Zoo
Scottsdale Cultural Council
West Valley Arts Council

It's a bit scary to see such a long list of places in help, isn't it? So let's click around, pick a favorite and hand over $10, shall we?

To make a donation to any of the organizations listed above visit

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